Event: PreetiRang Sanctuary Fourth Anniversary & National Animal Rights Day 2017


This year PreetiRang Sanctuary is hosting a combined event celebrating our Fourth anniversary as well as National Animal Rights Day (NARD). Please use this form to sign up for this combined event, which also includes a vegan pot luck.

Event is from 11 am to 5 pm.  NARD ceremony commences at 12 noon.

Every visitor, including minors, must have a liability waiver on file prior to the event. Please fill out waiver by visiting See the right sidebar for waiver link.

In addition to NARD ceremony and Potluck lunch, there will live music in the event barn featuring the very talented Laurie Powell. Then, in the afternoon there will be animal tours.

Please prepare a dish that can be portioned for 20 people.  Indicate the type of dish on the form below. No alcohol or non vegan foods please. There will be one small microwave available for reheating.

***We are striving to make this a zero waste event, with no single use plastic packaging, containers or utensils. For each person in your party, please bring plates, cups, drinking glasses and utensils.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in helping us protect our precious environment. ***

Please do not bring your pets or other animals to PreetiRang, as it has upset dynamics with existing animal residents in the past. Also, for the anniversary, do not bring food to feed the animals  . . . Thank You !

To participate in National Animal Rights Day, please order a T-Shirt. You can order by sending $10 to PayPal, Please include shirt size desired with each shirt ordered. (S,M,LG,XL)

For more information, please write us at:

Cell Phone:*
# of Adults *
# of Children
Please, provide full names of your group members:
Potluck dishes to choose:*
Food Item:

MANDATORY: Please provide the names of all members in your group AND each adult should sign a waiver AND waiver for each child should be signed by a parent/guardian at BEFORE your arrival for the event.

Questions/ Comments:

Dishes signed up for so far:

Deanna Green Fruit or Potato Salad
Megan Scott Green Salad
Deb Gillespie Cookies
Yvonne Emanuel Appetizer
Ryan Witwicki Faddegon Chips and Salsa
Marissa Bell Tofu Vegetable stir fry
Hope Bohanec Quinoa Salad
Andrea Singh Mediterranean Plate (e.g. with hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, lentil salad)
Laurie Powell Watermelon
Kathleen Pierdon Teriyaki flavored and bacon flavored Tofu strips Appetizers
Brian Flegel Rice & Beans
Edith Tsacle Black Rice pudding
Dominique De La Loza Pasta salad
Bryce Tyson Indian Food
Geetha Bhatt Veg Biryani
Meghann Turner Organic hummus dip with organic veggies and crackers/chips to dip
Alexandria Zaydahr-Kulka Potentially lentil or vegetable soup.
Karin Ball Entree
Anya McCann multi ingredient middle eastern type of grain salad
Jenna-Lee Magante Donuts
Jackie Va tofurkey sandwiches, apple salad, samosas, carrot cake
Nicky Soor Indian kidney beans & brown rice
Janelle D Snyder Pasta
Rhita Williams Fruit Tart
Geeti Ghose Indian vegetable dish
Stephanie Johnson Spinach dip
Ankur Pathania Salad
Alyssa Ney Roasted veggies
Sean Robinett Fruit Platter
Heera Kulkarni Jeera Rice & Chana (Chhole)
Stina Va Entrée
Bruce Hou
Jennifer Clark Salad
Scarlett Kelly Dessert
Sean Kelly Chocolate chip cookies
Stephanie Rollins Lentil/rice loaf
Lucas Freitas Dessert
Adrian Fabricante Kettle cooked potato chips and a variety of hummus
Achal Maharaj Garbanzo bean mix.
Jaime McKean Thai salad with dried mangos and cashews
Julie Turcotye Appetizer
Trish Mikkelson Fruit