Meet The Website Creator

When PreetiRang Sanctuary approached me to submit a design for their new website, I was thrilled to be able to use my skills for the benefit of animals. I am a lifelong animal lover. While creating this website, I was motivated by the mission of saving farmed animals and increasing the exposure of their stories. Go Vegan.

I am from Mexico, and I have rescued three animals and have two more that I have raised from babies.

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My Animal Family


An 18- year-old Siamese, she is with me since she was a baby.


A 6 years old gray Tabbie, she is with my brother since she was a baby


A 5-year-old Tuxedo cat, rescued from my neighborhood, Mucca followed my brother and insisted in becoming part of my family, then my brother decided to take him home. My mom bathed him because was very dirty and he had dry cement all over his body. After a few days of being with us we noticed he had animal bites –maybe from a dog- he started to get a weird position, like putting up his tail and bum (image above) and his head and chest on the ground, we took him immediately to the vet and seems someone spin him from the tail, he had his spine messed up at the end of it, so he started treatment with painkillers and antibiotics for the wounds, then he failed to walk and couldn’t use his back legs, we took him to the vet several times to try different treatments to make his legs respond till the last resource was cortisone and it did work, he received a 5 month treatment of cortisone shots and after all, he recovered very well. Also, he had a strong E-coli infection which was hard to eradicate. His recovery process was an odyssey. Now he is happily living with me and my family and he is a spoiled boy with too much love.


Rolando-3-1024x1019A 2-year-old Maltese-French male. Rescued on November 28th, 2013 my brother was walking down the street. He heard a dog barking and realized that there was a dog inside the sewer-drain stuck in a drain-hole. He called me and I told him that we needed to call the firefighters. We waited there by the drain in front of Plaza Inn, it took them about 30 mins to arrive. They fenced and closed the street opened the drain-hole and took Rolando out. We do not know how he got there, probably from another opened drain-hole. We know for sure that nobody threw or abandoned Rolando there because he didn’t have any fractures and the hole was deep. Was somebodies pet before because he had no tail and responded to commands like “sit and paw” He spent two months in the veterinary hospital, was malnourished, -6kg-, had his paws infected and swollen, needed vaccination, deworming, neutering. He was about eight months old when we rescued him. Thank you very much to the fire department. Today Rolando is very happy, it is the best gift we could have gotten from life. We love him!




(basheeto) “mi costeño” – the third rescue, a beach dog I rescued from Acapulco, Mexico. He was about to die, he was hanging around the hotel I was staying. When I saw him I started to cry of sadness because he could barely walk or stand, he was very weak because of malnourishment, the sand was on fire, very hot, he didn’t seem to feel it anymore, he would cry from his wounds he got out scratching because of a strong case of mange.


During my staying I bought him dog food and fed him twice a day, he stayed at the beach and he would come back every day, the hotel employees threw sand at his face so he would leave, during the time I was there I made a strong connection with Baxito, and decided to take him with me to the city, he would not be able to survive at the beach. So I got a basket and he slept in the rooms balcony with a towel covering him. As soon as I got into the city I took him to the vet, he told me Baxito had distemper cuz of his neurological symptoms. Even that, some types of distemper can be cured and stops getting worse so decided to wait to see if Baxito could make it. He was malnourished, he had a brutal mange, fleas, eye infection on both eyes, worms in his stomach, he stunk very strong like trash and had distemper. He stayed at the vet for 2 months, I went to visit him every Saturday, He seemed so happy, gained weight, ran, waved his tail. Watching his transformation was very satisfying to meThen I gave him on adoption and sadly he died, couldn’t make it, the distemper didn’t cease. Maybe he got a relapse because he was doing good till he got adopted… maybe he was so happy with the vet and got depressed. I think of him very often and miss him so bad. R.I.P. Baxito.


My baby bird that I rescued from a busy road in Mexico City, he was learning how to fly in the middle of the street, so I followed him and he went inside a hole, so I grabbed him by one of his wings and then with my both hands, I kept him home and fed him with baby bird food, he was doing so good but my cat one day went mischievously inside Franks box and killed him, I cried hard because all I wanted is to teach Frank how to fly and release him…. R.I.P. Frank. I LOVE YOU