Listed below are some ongoing needs/concerns we need to address over time to improve animal safety and security. Please let us know if you can help out. Please share with contacts if you can.  Thank You


Used Dualies truck to pull trailer.

Used Dualie truck in reasonable condition and reliability to pull animal transport for above needs.

Shelter for increased cow population.
$3000 - To complete shelter walls for additional protection

Additional field shelter for growing animal population to protect them against rain, wind and heat.This is picture of installed shelter shell!  

Perimeter High Tension fence. $20,000

Current perimeter fence on Preetirang Property needs replacing. We are relying mostly on the electric barrier established by the neighboring beef farm.  The reliability of this barrier is outside of our control. We want to make sure sanctuary animals are safe and do not get into beef farm area. Required for about 2/3 of perimeter.

Used Animal transport trailer. $5500

A used animal transport trailer will allow PreetiRang Sanctuary to respond directly to animals in need and will reduce ongoing costs for sub contracting transportation of rescued animals. Transport is also required to take animals to hospital for emergency health concerns.

Rooster / Turkey habitat. $4000