Event: PreetiRang Sanctuary 6th Anniversary Event

Music by Sunny State

Please join us for PreetiRang’s 6th anniversary event & vegan potluck   Event is from 11 am to 5 pm.

Every visitor, including minors, must have a liability waiver on file prior to the event. Please fill out waiver by visiting See the right sidebar for waiver link.

In addition to the Potluck lunch, there will live music in the event barn featuring Sunny State. Sunny State is a positive vibes rock reggae project lead by socially and environmentally frontman Chris Reed. Then, later there will be animal tours.

Please prepare a vegan dish that can be portioned for 12 people.  Indicate the type of dish on the form below. No alcohol or non vegan foods please. There will be one small microwave available for reheating.

***We are striving to make this a zero waste event, with no single use plastic packaging, containers or utensils. For each person in your party, please bring plates, cups, drinking glasses and utensils.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in helping us protect our precious environment. ***

Please do not bring your pets or other animals to PreetiRang, as it has upset dynamics with existing animal residents in the past. Also, for the anniversary, do not bring food to feed the animals  . . . Thank You !

Dishes signed up for so far:

Cathe Moody Beans
Angela Langford Spring Rolls
Yvonne Emanuel Salad
Karin Ball Entree
Patricia Huey Entree
Galen Hazelhofer Salad
Mychelle Freitas da silva GF Choc chip muffins
Erik Ramakrishnan Vegan cookies
Chris Reed Vegan donuts
Kathryn Hetherington Hummus & carrots/celery
Erika Sorensen Desert, salad
Raina Aide Casserole
Thoi Pham TBD
Dominique De La Loza TBD
Raquel Franco Cookies
Anthony Vessigault Veggie Tray
Stina Va Appetizer
Bruce Hou Appetizer
Wendy Bramble Fruit
Kat Pierdon Appetizer, Entrtee