Indian Music and Food Fundraiser

From 1:30  to 6:00 PM

Relaxing Afternoon of Indian Lunch and Indian Music at PreetiRang

Indian-Australian Vegan Chef, Nivi Das, will delight you with an Indian mini thali **and** Indian-American Hindustani Music Teacher, Heera Kulkarni, will entertain you with Indian music

Wondered about vegan options for some of your favorite items that include dairy? Come and pick Nivi’s brain !!

Enjoy lead-and-follow kirtans, profoundly meaningful shlokas sung in classical ragas, folk songs that excite you to dance, Bollywood numbers that increase your heart rate?   Come and listen to Indian music of different genres by Heera who runs Raga Academy in Elk Grove Event is a fund raiser for PreetiRang Sanctuary.
Pre-registration will be required.



“Please enter Indian Lunch and Music in purpose field, then X $35 for each attendee” thank you!

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