Harvey and Hari

Harvey and Hari

Harvey and Hari, are from a dairy farm in Santa Rosa. They arrived at PreetiRang in July 2015. Every 2 weeks, all the boys born during the 2 week period – 1 day old to 2 weeks old – are taken to the auction from the Santa Rosa dairy. Lila visited the dairy and fell in love with the boy who had a heart marking on his forehead and his left knee. She took him home, named him Harvey and raised him in her backyard while looking for a permanent home for him. PreetiRang agreed to adopt him but asked for another calf, around the same age, so they would have each other for company. The memories of Jai’s rejection and loneliness were too fresh in our minds. That lead to the saving of Hari. Harvey was 45 days old and Hari only 10 days old when they arrived, cramped in one veal crate in nearly 100F temperatures… The video of their first wild run across the pasture is extremely powerful.

The heart marking on Harvey’s head saved him and Hari. There’s a small half circle above the heart shape that looks like a bottle opener. A visitor, who quit dairy and became vegan because of Harvey, named him Harvey, the “heart-opener”. Harvey has opened a few hearts to accepting a vegan lifestyle. They both look like handsome devils (because of their horns). Since they were saved even before they could be taken to the auction, they did not get de-horned. They are both approx 3 years old and the youngest among our bovines. They never got to taste their mother’s milk, every drop of which is sold for human consumption. They were bottle fed powdered cow’s milk from a store and the lines of visitors were long, during their first summer, to bottle feed them.



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