Sarah Tulsi & Norman Leeladhar

Sarah Tulsi & Norman Leeladhar

Sarah Tulsi giving kisses

Sarah Tulsi, female, Black Angus. Born 2/18/14.   Sarah was found in a field in Vacaville, CA, where cattle were grazing. She was without her mother, perhaps something happened to her, there’s no way of knowing what happened in the first few hours of Sarah Tulsi’s life. The woman who noticed this newborn calf waited for a mother to claim her but no mother ever came. She took her from the field and brought her to her daughter and son-in-law, Debbie and Tim, who named her Sarah Tulsi. Debbie and Tim took her to UC Davis twice to be treated and fell in love with her.




They were heartbroken to have to face the fact that their HOA did not allow for cattle on their property. Sarah Tulsi is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves getting scratched under her chin, kissing volunteers, and lounging in the shade. Sarah Tulsi is a fierce defender of her friend Norman Leeladhar, the three legged calf. Debbie sponsors Sarah Tulsi’s care at PreetiRang Sanctuary.



Baby Norman LeeladharNorman Leeladhar, male, Red & Black Angus mix. Norman Leeladhar was born on a cattle ranch in Eastern Utah with his front right leg missing. Their normal procedure for such a situation is to shoot the calf on site but the owner of the ranch found it in her heart to reach out to sanctuaries via Facebook. The call for help eventually trickled down to V Sanctuary in Las Vegas. Two staff members drove to Ching’s sanctuary, where he had been taken temporarily. They brought him to Las Vegas where he met his best friend, Sarah Tulsi. In April 2015, Norman Leeladhar was transferred, along with Sarah Tulsi, to PreetiRang Sanctuary.


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