Luv & Kush

Luv & Kush

luv and kushJenna, is a 20-year-old vegan animal lover. She worked the summer of 2014 at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. Her heart cried daily knowing the fate of the animals at the fairgrounds. She felt happy that she was contributing to their care before they face violent ends and end up on a human plate! As the summer months passed, she fell in love with twin goat brothers, Eaton and Elton. She used up all her summer earnings from the fairgrounds, that aims to convert hundreds of animals to food, and rescued two precious lives. Each of the twins, now called Luv and Kush, after the twin boys of Rama and Sita from Ramayana, cost $275 and had to go through various tests, like ultrasound and carcass tests, to show how meaty and worthy they were of auction at the fairgrounds. The boys are now the joy of the visitors and caretakers at PreetiRang Sanctuary.



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