Kevin, Owen & Eli

Kevin, Owen & Eli

Kevin, Owen and Eli came to PreetiRang Sanctuary in Jan 2017, from SoCal. They were rescued by Earth Peace Foundation, located in Los Angeles and driven for PreetiRang Sanctuary because the attempts to place them in a dozen sanctuaries in SoCal and NorCal drew no response.

On arrival, they were estimated to be 7 months old and got along very well. While Kevin and Owen look similar, Eli is a Rhode Island Red breed. We don’t know how Kevin & Owen knew they were alike that they kept picking on Eli. Eli and Kevin were about the same size. As soon as Eli started getting bigger than Kevin, they fought often. At first, they just pecked at each other but when the fights escalated to harmful levels, we separated Eli. Currently Kevin and Owen are friendly most of the time. Owen, being the bigger one, behaves like a macho man. Kevin is very friendly and hovers around his mother when she feeds him and cleans the rooster area.



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