Snowman & Cosmo

Snowman & Cosmo arrived at PreetiRang Sanctuary in July 2018 after Rescue Ranch (RR) closed. Both had behavioral issues and weren’t adoptable so their caretaker adopted them from Animal Place (AP). Snowman had been adopted once before but while he got along with his Mom, Snowman isn’t happy when called “Snowball”. Who wouldn’t be upset if their name is distorted?

Cosmo is a 4 year old Bantham silky rooster. He was at another sanctuary before coming here when the sanctuary closed down. He attacks his caretaking Mother ALL the time totally unprovoked – when she feeds him, when she lets him out of his carrier in the morning, …..when she’s minding her own business …. but Bertha is always around to protect his Mother ! Due to his behavioral issues, Cosmo wasn’t considered adoptable. One of our volunteers says lovingly, he’s old and senile!




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