Valentino’s story:

“I loved meeting you today and am so very grateful that you could give Valentino a wonderfully loving home. Thanks for all that you do. The world is a much better place for your kindness and compassion. As promised here is an account of how Valentino came into our lives over the last few weeks: On Valentine’s Day my elder daughter spotted this ruffled and lonely rooster standing at the front gate to her house and immediately took him in building him a makeshift coop, food water and plenty of love. The neighborhood is not the best with people speeding down the street and stray pit bulls wandering the streets and it would have been very perilous for the little fella to have been left wandering on his own. My daughter however wasn’t really equipped to keep Valentino for very long and since we had wanted a couple of chickens anyway we took him in and put together a roomy coop for him in our yard. At the time it seemed like Valentino (then named Valentine) was a hen but as the days went by and he became very very vocal combined with the lack of eggs it became obvious he was a rooster. Unfortunately the City of Elk Grove where we live prohibits possession of roosters so we had to start looking for a home before the neighbors got too mad and the city officials cited us. We tried many places and although losing hope we never gave up trying to find him a home. We were so relieved and grateful that Preetirang sanctuary agreed to take him. He will have such a peaceful and happy life in the loving and nurturing environment you have created. Like us you will find that Valentino will grow into his environment and exhibit very friendly tendencies. He is a real sweetheart. Again thank you for everything. We look forward to visiting again sometime soon. My younger daughter who works with rescue horses would love to spend a little time at your sanctuary. God bless. Anthony Vessigault.”



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