When the rescuer was going to work one day, in Vacaville, she saw “people driving their cars over the top of her while she laid in the road”, apparently injured. She got out of her car, grabbed the hen and put her in the park close by, Nelson Park. Then she informed her sister to come and get her as she had to get to work. Her sister came to the park, picked her up, named her Matilda and brought her here after talking to us. There are no animal farms in that area so it’s assumed that she came from someone’s backyard.

The hen couldn’t move because her leg was hurt; not even limp. During her evaluation, the Vet found her wing was broken due to a strong impact. She couldn’t stand on her right leg because there was soft injury to that leg. She’s currently recovering with her wing bandaged and stabilized in a small pen so she can’t hurt her leg any further until it is healed.


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