GaneshaGanesha was purchased, along with his brother, to be raised for beef on a small farm in Southern California. The two brothers were kept in a very small pen for two years as their owners grew them for slaughter. After two years, Ganesha’s brother was led just outside the gate and killed. He was then slaughtered and cut up in full view of Ganesha. That evening Ganesha broke out of his pen and tried to run to freedom. Sadly he was caught and returned to his small pen – where he resumed waiting for his own death.
Thankfully, a woman witnessed Ganesha’s suffering and purchased him at full market value in order save his life. The woman moved Ganesha to her family farm (she did not reside there). He was again placed in a small pen. Sadly, the woman’s family did not share her compassion, and Ganesha abused further. Men tried to ride him, he was hit with sticks. Children there were told he was bad and they threw toys at him. He was often denied food and water for long periods. He lay dejected in the small pen.
Once again, a neighbor woman witnessed his suffering and began to feed and water him covertly. At this point Ganesha was 4-5 years old. Eventually, the woman contacted the family to discuss his care. She was referred to the woman who had purchased Ganesha’s freedom. These two women reached out to Animal Place in hopes for a permanent loving home. Animal Place contacted PreetiRang Sanctuary. The woman who was feeding Ganesha started a fundraiser for his care. She raised over $1,500 for the sanctuary and also brought Ganesha to PreetiRang from Southern California.


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