Welcome Gopala, the latest member of the PreetiRang Family!GOPALA

This Holstein boy was spotted by PreetiRang intern Emilia limping and injured on the other side of the fence (neighboring farm). Emilia called The sanctuary co-founders in tears to see if we could intervene on his behalf. After getting approval to try for his release, Emilia called and negotiated with the farm to release him to PreetiRang’s care. Within a couple of hours, he was moved to the sanctuary side of the fence, his permanent home now at PreetiRang. Now Emilia was crying tears of happiness. Govinda, our existing special needs calf, was also so visibly happy to have a friend with him in his special care pen.

Gopala was bought at the auction a few months ago, estimated to be 6 months old. About 2 weeks ago, he was kicked by a horse and has a bump on his left side that requires medical attention. He was sitting alone and tried to get up with great difficulty when initially approached by Emilia.

Now if you see Gopala and Govinda standing and sitting next to each other, it will seem like they had been communicating across the fence about living together. Some bonds are instant!

Please bless these sweet friends and send healing energy that they are healed soon!


BEST FRIENDS Govinda and Gopala


Emilia and Gopala



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